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Sending Letters Into the Abyss. Some Thoughts About Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most important pedestals of digital marketing space. Since the conception of email marketing, a lot of the initial ideas surrounding the marketing method have changed. However, the core principles of email marketing have remained unchanged and continued to guide the marketing industry.

Here are a few trends that we expect to see in email marketing in 2019

Plain Text Emails

Companies have in the recent past tried to appeal to their clients by appearing youthful and fun. This has been seen through the growth of plain-Text emails. Plain-Text Email trends are still on the rise and are expected to continue in 2019. Clients enjoy reading emails when they are written simply and plainly. Email texts that are written in plain form instead of the traditional HTML templates are relatable as they resemble text messages from a friend or a close relative. Plain texts are more likely to gain clicks, spark conversations and start valuable relationships with prospects.

Mobile Emails

Over the years more emails have increasingly been opened on mobile phone devices than on desktops. Companies will in 2019 need to take advantage of these changing trends by making their email interfaces friendlier for mobile phones.  Designing subscription forms that are more compatible with phone devices could also lead to an increase in conversations and brand loyalties. Mobile emails also take advantage of clients' behavior and personality custom-making products that suit a specific client's needs.

Use of Single Automated Software

The growing trend of combined channels marketing will continue into 2019. More sophisticated technology emerging will broaden the prospects of marketers. The multichannel marketing will also improve marketer’s capability to reach clients at different life-cycles. Email marketing in the past has always been focused on acquiring new clients. Using a single multichannel system will allow marketers to address clients that they need to retain and to reassure of past purchases and even close new sales. Automated systems can also be used to take clients concerns or initiate after sale services where they may be required.

Interactive Emails

Another trend that is catching on and will continue into 2019 is interactive emails. Emails are no longer these formal and concise messages that people have a problem responding to. Companies in 2019 will need to use more interesting methods to pique their clients’ interest and get them to make sales decisions. Use of images, GIFs, emojis or simple icons for carts or your website can improve the interaction with your clients. Improving the clients' experience is paramount to close a sale. Clients interact with other social platforms that make it much easier to access what they want. An interactive email should, therefore, strive to match these social platforms and to provide a more predictive-oriented experience to clients.



AI And Machine Learning Guided Emails

As technology improves, it is expected that Machine Learning software developed will have high precision and segmenting capabilities to draw more prospects to make purchase decisions. Machine Learning Algorithms will assist to narrow down on specific customers by targeting the most likely of customers. AI will also help companies personalize email messages to customers and addressing the specific needs of customers and increasing customer response. A technology face shift will also minimize on the amount of arduous work that involves email marketing. A more automated system could reduce the time it takes to reach the right clients by using more streamlined funnels that sift through predictive marketing metrics.


To sum it all up, in the coming months into 2019 email marketing with being influenced by interaction with clients to build on influencing conversations. Companies may also need to leverage the growing trends of technology such as AI and Machine Learning.