Below is an interesting list of schooling resources:

  • Instructional Material

Books will help the brain become more active and give it a different kind of work out. Books expose you to many new things, new knowledge, new understanding, new ways to handle situations and new ways to manage them. Books help you get things in fresh perspectives, and make you realize and see the world in a new way. Books will help you explore things that could eventually become your future career and source of success.

Other instructional material could include computers, relevant library materials, and calculators among others.

  • Audio Visual Resources

These are schooling resources that require stimulation of sensory experience to benefit the learners. They include videos, slides, pictures, recordings, films among other audio-visual aids. They make learning more effective.

  • Instructional Space

Having conducive space where learning can take place is very important. This could be halls, lecture theaters, auditoriums, laboratories, workshops, classes among others. The value of instructional space can’t be underscored because it offers an excellent opportunity for a learner to acquire knowledge in the best possible way.


  • Teaching and Support Staff

Course instructors, tutors, technologists, lecturers, teachers, technicians, and other staff that are an integral part of a learner’s schooling process. They are the primary conduit for the acquisition of knowledge. Their interaction with learners is the most important when it comes to schooling.


  • Internet

With the inception and advancement of technology, the internet is probably the best schooling resources. You will find any information you may deem necessary for schooling online. Learners primarily rely on information from the internet for their schooling. There are also online classes and courses.


  • Supplies, Special Equipment, Lighting and Cooling Systems

Special learners require equipment that regular learners do not require. Like braille. Instructional space has to be fitted with the proper equipment to create an enabling environment for schooling which is why proper lighting and schooling is essential.