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Five Things About Writing Your Kids Don’t Want You to Know


Kids are unique and cheeky, and they hide many things from you than you think. While you can assume that you know everything about them, your assumptions could cloud your judgment, making you unaware of their thoughts and feelings regarding different issues.

Writing is one of the skills that kids learn from a younger age since it allows them to express their ideas and communicate with others. Their initial works of writing, which are mostly letters, do not matter that much, but over time, they develop perceptions about writing.

Many kids have a habit of sharing exciting things and information they come across since it is part of the primary growth and development process of a child. However, this is not a guarantee. Kids are highly likely to keep some information about various things to themselves.

Writing Helps to Escape Bad Moments

Kids are very emotional people. They react to almost everything that happens in their lives. This is because they are mindful of their well-being.

Many kids like to draw and write, and they use these activities as ways of escaping boring moments and low moments. When you see your kids writing, you may probably think that they are relaxing and pushing time. In some cases, that could be true. However, exceptions exist. Some kids engage in writing activity to help them get rid of low moments and boredom.

Your kids do not want you to know any of this, and they can pretend that everything is okay so that they can conceal the reality from you.

Writing Helps to Push Time

Kids like to engage in multiple activities. This allows them to try out different things and find out those that strike their interest and excite them. When they find activities that interest them, they tend to spend more time on those activities and long for them when they are in other places.

In such scenarios, what they do is look for alternative activities that can keep them busy and make them forget about what enthuses them.

Writing is an example of these activities. Kids tend to write when they feel that they need to push time before they can have access to their favourite games. But they do not want you to know about this. They actively hide it from you and pretend that everything is okay. When in the real sense, there is something that is off with them.

Writing is Fun

One thing that kids like is fun. Kids like to enjoy. They like to spend time in a way that improves their social and mental well-being. This explains why they like toys and other activities that make them happy and jovial. For them to write, then it means that they like writing. Otherwise, they would not want to hear about writing at all.

Writing allows kids to play with words. Even though they do not know how to write well, they still enjoy it and try to make it attractive.

Writing Can Help You Improve Your Well-Being

If you like to carry out an activity repeatedly, it simply means that you have a keen interest in that activity. Additionally, it also denotes that it helps you to improve your social and physical well-being. This applies to how kids view the writing process. Kids fall in love with writing because it is an activity that makes them happy and allows them to relax their minds.

While this may be general or common knowledge to you, kids may treat it as a secret. It is because it helps them to gain an advantage, thus making it a ‘secret’ worth keeping.

Writing Refreshes Your Mind

Kids tend to engage in other activities when they get bored playing a particular game or doing a specific activity. This helps them to refresh their minds and gain new energies to embark on other things or play other games.

Kids like to write in their free time or in between breaks because it helps them to freshen up and come up with new ideas of playing a game, modifying a game or creating a new game altogether.

On a final note, while you think that you may know the preferences, desires and likes of your kid, this should not mislead you to thinking that your kids will tell you everything interesting they come across. The chances are high that they will keep some things from you so that they can use them as their points of strength.

You and your kid may have common ground or views on specific topics, but that does not stop them from hiding another thing about the subject from you. To them, it is just a way of maintaining an edge and trying to use or experiment on those aspects.

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