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“Blade Runner’s” Reality Is Closer

Edward ai

The Blade Runner 2049 is a depiction of what the future could look like. One of the most obvious ideas explored mainly in the movie is the future advertising mediums. While the world in the movie is futuristic and probably far from what will realize in 2049, there are certain advancements in advertisement technology that seem to steer in the Blade Runner’s world.

For example, in 2016 the city of West Hollywood had a competition where participants were asked to design ‘cool’ billboards to replace the traditional billboards that line the Sunset Strip. The idea was to design “a technologically advanced, engaging, one-of-a-kind” type of billboard that goes beyond average advertising.

Here are a few other types of advertisement that the industry could experience in the near future.

Virtual Reality

The social media company Facebook has for many years now been diverting a lot of their resources in the research and development of their Virtual Reality goggles. The founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg has been noted on several occasions in the past saying that the company hopes to develop the virtual reality as a permanent replacement for mobile phones. 

Other types of virtual reality are contact lenses or wearable bands around the eyes. The experience of virtual reality remains the same.

The average person spends a third of their day staring at their phone, consuming hundreds of advertising material even without being aware of it. A future where all an individual’s entertainment is contained in a virtual world, the future of advertising could as well be transferred to VR goggles and contacts.

Augmented Reality

One of the scenes in the Blade Runner is of Ryan Gosling walking along the cyberpunk future streets of Los Angeles at night when he encounters a towering three-dimensional hologram towering several feet off the side of a wall in augmented reality.

Augmented beings strut the town pursuing customers like real-world sales reps.

Augmented Reality advertising already exists today. Companies in service sector industries use AR to give their clients snippets of experiences of the packages they get for their money. AR Agencies such as blippar provide third-party AR services to their clients where customers can view sceneries or interact with the product before making actual purchases.  

3D Holograms

Many scenes in the Blade Runner show Ryan Gosling in his domicile conversing with his companion Joi, a 3D hologram of a woman. The hologram is capable of engaging Ryan in intensive and extensive conversations and helping him make decisions. One thing that is important is that the hologram looks and even in later scene feels like a real human being.

In a future world, such a customized hologram can easily be used to do advertising of any kind with very high success rates.

While the Blade Runner is set in 2049, 2049 might come sooner than you may think. Over the last years, many companies have put in funding into the hologram advertising industry including the tech giant Samsung.

At the moment a lot of the holographic advertising is focused on covering private events for companies, but in the future billboard or a future version of the billboard could be in 3D holograms replicating 2049.

AI in Advertising

The Blade Runner has a good number of sentient machines projected in 3D holograms. Sentient holograms are not present in the world today or advertising, buy virtual assistants are here with us today. From Alexa to Google assistants talking machines are now our everyday companion just like Joi in the Blade Runner.

AI assistants are getting better helping everyday people make simple decisions as well helping people making perform both simple and challenging task. Such assistants are usually programmed by their manufacturing companies to help personalize experiences while making purchases. Considering that such AI assistants collect data about their owner, in the near future advertisers could use such devices to lure people to purchase their brands.

In conclusion, the advertising industry is always changing to take advantage of improving technology. Today being the AR, AI and hologram renaissance it is only right to anticipate some technology to be used in advertising. The Blade Runner world is for sure here with us.