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Research has been conducted in the last few decades in the system of education in higher learning institutions. This paper seeks to identify the pattern of students learning, creating instructional based on the data and defending the decision made. Furthermore, this paper aims at finding more about the student’s processing print by carrying out a miscue analysis with primary schools and use miscue analysis to determine what percentage of miscue analysis is acceptable. Also, the paper seeks to analyse to what extent the reader can coordinate semantic and syntactic information. Developing the method of portfolio assessment and its essential elements that would lead to growth literacy. Designing a cover sheet to help organize and explain portfolio contents and the criteria for evaluating portfolio contents. Also, the paper aims at documenting the instructional assessment strategies and guiding a teacher to improve his or her skills.

Students have different learning patterns. For instance, the students use “Tornado of learning” in which, students take knowledge when studying or doing research or rather reading a book. Students also use “release if thought” as a pattern of learning in which they find what they don’t understand. Research done recently has indicated the use of data in the instructional lesson that improves student’s performance. The instructional lessons made on the data includes ways to help to help teachers in using assessment results including student’s work examples to ascertain and address learning problems and academic requirements. Additionally, school staff should identify areas of improvement by training approaches like the response from students. The percentage of semantically acceptable miscues in the text is very high, as the context clues found in the text and their meaningful connection are making sense. The reader was able to use and coordinate semantic and syntactic information more often as it involves making sense of actual words in the sentences and breaking down words into syllables, sounds, and letters.

In student’s processing of print, students print genuine articles with correct colour prints which help them in carrying out learning activities. The essential elements of the portfolio include the table of contents with numbered pages, entries-core and optional, date of all the entries, and drafts of oral and non-oral products which are revised. I would leave the element of entries and oral and non-oral products for student’s selection.

A cover sheet to help explain portfolio content.

Table of contents.

  1. _______________________________________________1
  2. _______________________________________________2

The criteria for evaluating the content of the portfolio includes: the course content, the course materials and their development, evaluation of student learning and provision of effectivefeedback, the professional development of self and others and working with others as well as teaching

The instructional and assessment utilized as observed by the teacher include: use of open open-ended question that enables the students to write and talk, giving students short questions at the end of the lesson, and also ask the students to summarize or paraphrase important concepts and lesson. The teacher was giving oral questions to the students and giving short questions at the end of the lesson. I might guide the teacher to learn more about instructional and assessment in order to improve his or her skills during the lesson.

In conclusion, the readers need several assessment strategies, the involvement of the teachers and efforts of other students in order to realize their better performance in schools.

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