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Dear Friends,

When Linda and I announced that I would be a candidate for Governor, the road to election day seemed long. Well friends, the months have flown by and we are now only weeks away from the July 27 primary.

As we have traveled the state during the past year talking to fellow Oklahomans about my plans to create jobs and generate new growth in our state's economy, Linda and I have frequently been asked one question: "Will you be bringing back the jingle?"

"The Jingle," for anyone who doesn't remember, was launched by my uncle, J. Howard Edmondson, in his 1958 campaign for Governor. Howard was a 33-year-old Tulsa County Attorney, and the Edmondson jingle was part of the "Prairie Fire" campaign that saw him elected to the Governor's Office.

Howard believed, as I do, that the Governor should be focused not on the next headline, but on the next generation. He left a legacy that went beyond his term in the Governor's office.

The Edmondson jingle is part of that legacy. Even today, more than half a century later, Linda and I are frequently greeted with musical renditions of "E-D-MOND-SON spells Edmondson!"

So, we asked for your opinions here about whether the jingle should be updated and used in our campaign. The answer was a resounding -- and personally pleasing -- YES!

The music for the Edmondson jingle originated with George M. Cohan, who wrote "Harrigan" more than a century ago. It later was featured in a movie about Cohan’s life, "Yankee Doodle Dandy," starring James Cagney.

We plan to use the jingle in some of our radio commercials.

And, you can download it here as a cell phone ring tone. 

It has been rewarding to receive your feedback. Thanks for that, and thanks for your support.