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Posted 12:07PM on June 10 2010
Drew Edmondson today rolled out his detailed economic plan to get Oklahoma on the move again, setting out priorities for job growth, education, energy, health care and other topics critical to the state’s future.
Posted 12:13PM on June 09 2010
Out-of-state repairmen are posing as local roofing companies to solicit for Oklahoma jobs.
Posted 14:56PM on June 08 2010
One day after officially declaring his candidacy for Governor of Oklahoma, Attorney General Drew Edmondson today launched his television advertising campaign.
Posted 11:59AM on June 07 2010
With a continued focus on growing the state’s economy and creating good-paying jobs for more Oklahomans, Drew Edmondson today officially entered the race for governor.
Posted 18:31PM on June 04 2010
Oklahoma’s next governor will have the critical task of getting the state’s economy moving by implementing specific objectives and showing hands-on leadership.
Posted 18:28PM on June 04 2010
Oklahomans should set aside one day a year to honor the state’s first responders – especially fire, police and medical professionals whose commitment to their fellow citizens routinely takes them into harm’s way.
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