For Drew Edmondson - Democratic Nomination for Governor

16:42PM on July 22 2010

From the Oklahoma Eagle:
In the Democratic primary race for Governor, we have too good candidates.
Jari Askins is our Lt. Governor and has been speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, a member of the State Pardon and Parole Board and a judge.  Drew Edmondson is from a long legacy family in Oklahoma politics.
In the last decade of his tenure, as State Attorney General, he has boldly taken on the region's agricultural business interests in a quest to reserve clean water for consumers and for other commercial and business users in Oklahoma.
In taking on powerful tobacco interests he has garnered billions from the industry diverted to education.  Recently he has defied powerful insurance and conservative political forces in Oklahoma by steadfastly refusing to mount a legal challenge to President Obama's health care legislation.
Edmondson also seems to have a clear, strategic notion of how all Oklahoman's - poor folk and rich people alike -- can craft a job rich, well educated and justice centered future in a State with many challenges.
Because of his long advocacy as a leader who has often taken on the role of the defender of those with little voice and for his clear vision of a better Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Eagle endorses Drew Edmondson for the Democratic nomination for Governor.