Edmondson Embarks on Main Street Tour to Highlight Economic Plans

15:25PM on July 19 2010


OKLAHOMA CITY – In the final full week before the July 27 primary, Drew Edmondson today launched a 24-city tour to highlight his plan to get Oklahoma on the move again by setting priorities for job growth, education and other topics critical to the state’s future.

Edmondson, Oklahoma’s attorney general, remains the only candidate for governor to provide a detailed economic plan for the state – part of his goal to customize specific plans for each of the state’s 77 counties.

“For the past year, my wife, Linda, and I have been visiting communities across Oklahoma, talking to citizens and hearing their concerns and ideas,” Edmondson said.  “It is vital that Oklahoma’s economic needs are addressed, not just in the big cities, but also in rural communities all across our state.

“Linda grew up on a wheat farm in northwestern Oklahoma, and I grew up in Muskogee,” Edmondson said. “Our communities are the very heartbeat of the state we love. We are committed to providing the support, resources and coordination necessary to preserving our way of life.

“Growing the economy and generating jobs is the only way we are going to be able to make the improvements that need to be made in education, transportation, corrections, mental health and the other responsibilities of state government,” he said.

Edmondson, a Vietnam veteran, has served as Oklahoma’s attorney general since 1995. Prior to being elected attorney general, he served as Muskogee County District Attorney for 10 years, prosecuting crimes ranging from financial fraud to murder.

“Ensuring safe streets and guaranteeing a quality public education system for all of our citizens are vital to growing our economy,” Edmondson said. “Oklahoma’s quality of life is an economic asset. As governor, I’ll make sure it stays that way.”

Although his economic plan is intended to represent a comprehensive range of topics and priorities, Edmondson said he expects the plan to grow and evolve during both the primary and general election campaigns as citizens provide feedback and offer their own ideas.

He said citizens are welcome to offer ideas as the campaign meets with voters across Oklahoma, or to visit to make a suggestion.