Edmondson Applauds Supreme Court Handgun Ruling

09:58AM on June 29 2010
A United States Supreme Court ruling today means state and local gun laws receive the same 2nd Amendment protections as federal laws, Attorney General Edmondson said.

The ruling, from a case styled NRA, Inc, v. City of Chicago, declared unconstitutional the city’s requirement that all firearms be registered and its prohibition against the registration of any handgun.
Edmondson and a group of 32 other state attorneys general last summer asked the nation’s highest court to overturn Chicago’s handgun ban.

“Chicago was trying to skirt the 2nd Amendment by requiring the registration of all firearms while prohibiting the registration of any handgun,” Edmondson said. “This amounted to a ban on handguns and the court has rightly ruled it unconstitutional.”

Edmondson was also active in another handgun case, District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the court ruled unconstitutional the District of Columbia’s handgun restrictions which essentially constituted a ban on handguns.

“The court struck down the district’s ban in the Heller case, but it did not rule as to the 2nd Amendment’s application at the state and local levels,” Edmondson said. “Because the District of Columbia is not a state but a federal enclave, we could not effectively use the Heller case as a defense should any of Oklahoma’s firearms laws be challenged in court. Today’s ruling fills in that gap and provides 2nd Amendment advocates an excellent piece of case law should we need it in Oklahoma.”

Edmondson said Oklahoma’s state constitution, statutes and regulations allow for the possession and use of firearms.

“Like many Oklahomans, I support safe and responsible firearm ownership,” Edmondson said. “Today’s ruling does not negate sensible regulations, like prohibiting possession by felons and keeping guns out of schools, nor should it. Cities and states should have the authority to pass reasonable firearm restrictions as necessary for public safety, but Chicago’s outright ban on handguns crossed the line.”