What others are saying
"You have my support! "
- Karen Crowe, Ada
"As a former Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General, I have witnessed firsthand Drew's commitment to faithfully protecting and serving Oklahomans from every walk of life. When it comes to the future of my family, community and beloved State, I trust no one more than Drew Edmondson as the next Governor of the State of Okalhoma."
- Rick Denny, Yukon, OK
"Good Luck Drew. Oklahoma sure could use you right now. I can't vote for you but will be pulling for you. Robin Murray, Muskogee born and raised!"
- Robin Murray, River Falls, WI
"Drew comes from a long line of political families that have always been held in high regard throughout this great State of Oklahoma and as our Attorney General he held onto those high standards of ethics which I truly believe he will carry into the Governor's office. God Bless You and Yours."
- Sherry Corbin, Okmulgee
"Drew will by a Great Governor. I was privileged to be a original supporter of Howard in Pottawatomie county. We carried the county in the first primary and went all the way to win. I worked hard for Ed when he ran for the Senate and was privileged to have met June, Drew's mother. I look forward to 8 great years of Governor Edmondson!!!"
- Robert Talley, Depew
"I am a Republican, but I am behind Drew Edmondson all the way, and will support him in any way I can. I knew his uncle, J. Howard, and supported him in his bid for Governor. In fact, J. Howard made me a General in his campaign for Governor. Lets sweep Oklahoma clean once again."
- Harold J. Jones, Choctaw
"I have had the privilege of taking courses with Drew while we were both attending law school. And I served on a TU College of Law committee with him. He is a well-educated candidate who has good common sense! Another aspect of Drew's career that I appreciate is that he has demonstrated just as much concern for Tulsa as he has for Oklahoma City and for rural communities as for metro areas. I am certain that Governor Drew will serve the interests of ALL of us Oklahomans. "
- Diana Hall, Tulsa
"I am a Marine veteran of the Iraq war and have two brothers currently serving in the Armed Forces. I know Drew Edmondson will stand up for veterans and ensure they are honored and taken care of when they return from the battlefield."
- Mark Kosemund, Ada
"We’re farmers and we believe that Drew will help keep our land and water clean and safe! Thank you for all that you have done already, Drew!!"
- Chelsea Coleman, Yale
"If we can get Drew Edmondson elected governor, we can continue Oklahoma's climb upward."
- Forrest Bennett, Norman
"Drew got me on education. Good education for our children is a road to a brighter future."
- Leona Mars, Goldsby
"I am one of many republicans that support Drew. Good luck!"
- Craig Swenty, Glenpool
"I have been in law enforcement for the past 27 years and I am currently Chief of Police in Thomas. I have followed Drew Edmondson's accomplishments over the past years and my family and I are behind him 100 percent."
- Buck Jones, Thomas
"You have an astonishing record for getting important things done. I hope you win."
- Mary Morrow, Blackwell
"Drew Edmondson is a great candidate for Governor of Oklahoma. He has my full and total support!"
- Justin Meddaugh, Tulsa
"Edmondson for Governor!!!"
- Devon Fowler, Oklahoma City
"Never has the future of the state of Oklahoma been more dependent on the election of the right person for governor. Drew is that man.

I have always had the greatest respect for Drew, his father and his uncle. I can think of no other family that has served Oklahoma so long and so well. "
- Phillip Applegate, Chickasha
"My daughter was working in the Shelter for Battered Women when she first became aware of all the good you are doing for this cause. She is the one who first told me that you might be running for Governor and if I didn't already know it, that you are the best person for the job. I already knew that, but she is never involved herself in politics. She is 27. Keep up the good work."
- Joyce Hester, Dewar
"We need more politicians who can think, who can articulate what they want to accomplish and how they plan to accomplish it, and who can work with other people to lead them to those ends. Attorney General Drew Edmondson has a solid, proven record in protecting Oklahoma's interests."
- David Crass, Tulsa
"[Drew's] 16-year tenure in the Attorney General's office is quality experience. When you sit across the table from Drew Edmondson, you hear straight talk with great specificity, depth and conviction. There is no subject off limits: no political double-speak, no platitudes. He has strong convictions about the Governor's role in economic development. He has strong opinions about cost cutting that promotes "better government". He exudes leadership and polish"
- Bailey Dabney, Claremore Daily Progress Publisher, Claremore, OK
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